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Musical Theatre

Birthday Parties

Dicken’s Festival:
Who:  Performance Companies and Show Choir
When:  December 5th 
            Call Time: 2:30 PM
            Performance Time: 3:20 PM
Where: Dixie Convention Center
1835 Convention Center Dr.
St. George, UT 84790
Please come with hair and makeup finished!
Performance Companies: Wear your warm ups when you come at call time!
Your children have been working so hard and are excited to show you the progress they have made! Come and support them! 

November Highlights
Staff Highlight:

Jessika Hatch

  Jessika has been singing for over 11 years! She started singing in a children's choir in Ogden, Utah when she was about 8 years old and has been in various choirs and music lessons since that time.  There are four people in her family including her mom, dad and brother.  She has a cat named Boo and her favorite color is yellow.  She loves going on vacation to Lake Powell and would love to go to Italy. Jessika loves singing all types of music!  Jessika says she loves to sing because sometimes words aren't enough to display the emotion you want to get across.  She also singings as an outlet for emotions and loves the natural high performing gives her. Jessika teaches the show choirs at TRIO.


Dancer Highlight:

Amelia Day

 Amelia is 14 years old and has been dancing since she was 5.  Her nick name is Millie and her favorite colors are red and black.  Millie has five people in her family including her mom (Heather), dad (Bryan), a brother (Cooper) and a sister (Kassidy).  She has a cat and a fish and would love to visit England.  Her favorite style of dance is Hip Hop because it is a fun style of dance.  When asked why she loves to dance she said it is just something she has always been doing.  Her goals for dance are to get all of her splits.   


We are excited for those of you who have chosen to perform with us!  If you have not yet paid your recital fees, you are not on our list to be in the recital.  If you would like your child to perform in the recital please come to the front desk and get your recital fees taken care of.

The costume fee is $45 per student for up to 3 classes.  For EACH additional class there will be a $20 costume fee.  The performance fee is $25 per family. 
(This does not apply to performance company members who have already paid their fees unless they are enrolled in more than 3 classes)
Please come to the front desk and we will get you all set up!  Feel free to contact us with questions.
Thank you!