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Well, Aren't You Something?!...
Miranda Slatter   

  Miranda is the owner of TRIO dance studio. Miranda has over 28 years of dance training and nearly a decade of dance teaching experience.  Miranda received her BA in Dance Education with a minor in English Teaching from Brigham Yong University in Provo, Utah.  Miranda has her teaching license and is a certified yoga instructor.  While at BYU Miranda was awarded several dance and academic scholarships as well as being named Valedictorian in dance.  Miranda's favorite dancers and choreographers are Martha Graham, on of the modern dance pioneers, and Nacho Duato, a present day ballet choreographer in Europe.  Both developed their own style and artistry and are known for their technical precision.  One of Miranda's favorite activities is having a 'dance party' with her two children, Laura and Tanner.  Miranda has performed with Moxi Dance Company, God's Messengers and St. George Dancers Company.   

Brinley Baker

Brinley Baker is 9 years old .  Her nick name is Bram and she has six people in her family.  Brinley has a cat named Larry, her favorite color is purple and she loves to go to Lagoon.  Brinley would love to go to Hawaii and her favorite flavor of ice cream is chocolate.  She loves seafood and her favorite movie is 'Singing in the Rain'.  Brinley has been dancing since she was four.  she loves Ballet because it is pretty.  When asked why she loves to dance she said: "Because it is fun and it gets you exercised and you get to wear pretty costumes!".  

Stretch it Out...

Kaylee Jernagin- Left Splits
Grace Bryner- Left Splits

Litzy Lara- Right Splits, Left Splits
Delanie DeMille- Middle Splits
Mia DeLlamas- Right Splits
Keelie Thacker- Right Splits, Middle Splits
Jaiden Jensen- Right Splits, Left Splits, Middle Splits
Aubrey Olson- Left Splits