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Well, Aren't You Something?!...
Megan Bryan   

  Megan Bryan has been dancing for 9 years.  There are six people in her family including her parents: Tim and Shelly, two sisters: Jessica and Emily and a brother: Tim.  Megan's favorite color is yellow and her favorite place to visit is San Diego.  She learned to dance at Taylor's Dance Studio in Salt Lake City.  She loves all styles of dance but her favorite is Jazz.  She says Jazz dance is always fresh and lively.  No matter the audience everyone is entertained.  Her favorite dancer/choreographer is Tino Smith who taught her when she was younger.  Tino was always very positive and encouraged Megan to become the best she can be.  When asked why Megan loves to dance she said "I love to dance because it is a positive and healthy way to express myself.  It relieves stress and can put a smile on anyone's face."  Megan is an assistant teacher for dance classes at TRIO. 

Jamie Dansie

 Jamie has been tumbling for 2 years now.  She has five people in her family: AJ, Steph, Eric and Andy.  Jamie has three pets.  She has a dog named Nelly, a cat named Charlie and a fish named Lightning.  Jame's favorite color is pink and her nick name is James.  Jamie says her favorite place to visit is TRIO and she would love to visit Hawaii.  Jamie's favorite food is pizza.  She learned to tumble in her front room and she loves tumbling because she has a dream that she can one day tumble in the Olympics.   

Stretch it Out...

Kaylee Jernagin- Left Splits
Grace Bryner- Left Splits

Litzy Lara- Right Splits, Left Splits
Delanie DeMille- Middle Splits
Mia DeLlamas- Right Splits
Keelie Thacker- Right Splits, Middle Splits
Jaiden Jensen- Right Splits, Left Splits, Middle Splits
Aubrey Olson- Left Splits

The Big Event...
 APRIL 25th

We are excited for those of you who have chosen to perform with us!  If you have not yet paid your recital fees, you are not on our list to be in the recital.  If you would like your child to perform in the recital please come to the front desk and get your recital fees taken care of.

The costume fee is $45 per student for up to 3 classes.  For EACH additional class there will be a $20 costume fee.  The performance fee is $25 per family. 
(This does not apply to performance company members who have already paid their fees unless they are enrolled in more than 3 classes)
Please come to the front desk and we will get you all set up!  Feel free to contact us with questions.
Thank you!