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Shelby Hancock
Shelby has been dancing for two years. She loves to dance because it’s fun and exciting! She loves all kinds of styles of dance. Her favorite dancer/ choreographer is Mrs. Miranda, because she’s really good at dancing. She has set a dance goal to get all of her splits, and to have pretty cartwheels. Her nickname is “Shelbs”. She has four brothers, one sister, and a cat named Oreo. Her favorite color is hot pink, and she loves the Barbie movies. Her favorite place to visit is her aunt Jill’s house. She loves to eat roll up pancakes, and her favorite ice cream flavor is sea salt caramel.

Melissa Lyman
Melissa is a dance instructor here at TRIO. She is also known as “Mel”, or “Lissa”. There are six members of her family and a cat named Abbey. Her favorite colors are blue and green. Her favorite places to visit are the country, forest, and beach; anywhere warm. She has been dancing since she was five years old. She loves modern and improv! Melissa loves dance because it is one way for her to fly and be free!

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