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Keelie Thacker
Keelie has been dancing for three years. She has four members in her family; Tori, Kim, Makail, and Rudy. Her favorite color is hot pink, and she loves to visit her cousins in Salt Lake. Her nickname is "Chubby Cheeks". Keelie loves performing and being on stage. She enjoys many genres of dance! Her favorite dancer/ choreographer is Mrs. Miranda, because she knows all of the dances. Keelie has set a dance goal to improve her splits and handstands. Her favorite movie is Jurassic World. She loves to eat carrots, and her favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip!


Coy Cox
Coy is a tumbling instructor here at TRIO. He has been tumbling for six years. He learned to tumble through musicals, and from his friends. His favorite tumbler is Damian Walters, because he has a very unique style and movement. Coy loves to tumble, because he loves it when he learns something new! He has eight brothers and four sisters, and a dog named Austin. Coy's favorite colors are orange and blue. His favorite place to visit is the north fork of the Duchesne River.

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