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Well, Aren't You Something?!...
Kya Cheesman   

  Kya has been dancing and singing for 7 years.  She has 6 people in her family including her mom, dad, two sisters and one brother.  Her nickname is Bab and her favorite color is lime green.  Kya would love to visit Mississippi.  Kya’s favorite style of dance is Contemporary because it is not too fast and not too slow and her favorite style of singing in Broadway because it tells a story.  Her favorite dancer is Miss Lindsey because she is fun and creative.  Her favorite singer is her sister is Kari because she has a really high voice.  She loves to dance because she can move and she loves to sing because it’s fun to do!  Her dance goal is to get all of her splits!

Miss Madison

Madison goes by Madi and has 11 people in her family.  She has been dancing for 15 years and loves it!  Her favorite color is pink and she would love to visit Hawaii.  Madi loves lyrical dance because you can express yourself and tell a story through dance.  She also loves that it is so flowy and beautiful.  She learned to dance in a variety of dance studios.  Madi says that she loves to dance because it is a great way to express yourself and so much fun to do!  We are excited to have Miss Madison on our TRIO teaching team!

Stretch it Out...

Kaylee Jernagin- Left Splits
Grace Bryner- Left Splits

Litzy Lara- Right Splits, Left Splits
Delanie DeMille- Middle Splits
Mia DeLlamas- Right Splits
Keelie Thacker- Right Splits, Middle Splits
Jaiden Jensen- Right Splits, Left Splits, Middle Splits
Aubrey Olson- Left Splits